It’s the people who make the difference!

About our Team

The team of the Boarnstream is a small tight group of enthusiastic women and men. Some of them have been working for the Boarnstream for many years, resulting in a strong team which works closely together and which has a vast amount of knowledge and expertise which has been built throughout the years. The men who take care of the boats are all professionals and are all dedicated to water sports. During their free time you will find them on the water; surfing, sailing, waterskiing and of course ‘motoring’. Characteristic of the whole crew is that everyone feels responsible for their tasks, which means that you can be confident that all agreed tasks and agreements will be fulfilled to your satisfaction.

The Team

Wies Hokwerda

Wies Hokwerda

Tjerk Bouma

Tjerk Bouma

Joran Balstra

Joran Balstra

Sales and marketing

Jan Bargeman

Harbour master and Sales Support

Marcel de Lange

Production / Quality manager Boarncruiser

Bertus van der Lende

Yachtservice / Refit

Henny Lam

Finance and Sales Support

Alie Kooistra-Span

Front office

Your Yacht, your way

If you’d like more detailed information about our yachts, brochures, specs, videos or media articles, the Boarnstream team is at your service.

Experience the Traveller!From scratch till launch

In the coming weeks, we will take you on a journey from the design till launch of the Boarncruiser Traveller!

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